Woodbine Playground Replacement meeting

Message from the playground committee:

Woodbine Playground Replacement meeting

Next meeting: 
October 25 at 6 pm – Woodbine School

Topic: Next steps in starting the process to replace the Woodbine playground

Background: As you may have heard, Woodbine school needs to replace the playground in the next few years years (half of the playground is overdue for replacement already, and the other half will likely need to be replaced by 2028). 

Since the CBE provides ZERO funding for playgrounds, fundraising falls on the school parent community to replace the playground. 

Anyone from the parent or Woodbine community is welcome to join us! 

If you have ideas for fundraising or want to help in any way, please join us. This is a meeting to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and plan what the next steps in the process are. 

Attending the meeting is not a commitment to any amount of volunteering; it is an opportunity to participate in the process, provide your valuable input, and have your voice heard as we move forward with the new playground. 

Hope to see you there!

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