Charity Casino Fundraiser

2023 Casino Successful! Thank you volunteers! Look for the next event in 2025!

The last charity casino raised over $70,000 for the benefit of the school!

One person working one volunteer shift raises about $2,000.

See our “fundraising” page and scroll to “Where Fundraising Dollars are Spent” to see the impact events such as these have on our community.

Charity Casino 101

In Alberta, a charitable organization runs a casino by working inside of a large casino. There are over 3,400 charities across Alberta that have licenses, including our Parent Association.

As a volunteer you’ll work in a local casino and operate role either in the cash cage (mostly cashiers) or in the count room (operating the machines to count the money and chips).

Our last charity casino raised over $70,000 for the benefit of the school!

All volunteer tasks are simple to do, and all training is provided on site.

Volunteer roles

Any role can be easily run by a COMPLETE BEGINNER. All training is provided on site!

We have hired two casino consultants to train everyone and help run the casino. Casinos are a fun event!


Cash Operations Roles

Shifts are: 11am – 7:30pm and 7:00pm – 3:30am, June 28th and 29th

Banker – Supervises and documents transactions involving chips and cash. It’s kind of like a cashier. No experience necessary.

Cashier – Changes customer chips into cash. People come to a window, give you their chips, you count them and give them cash. No experience necessary.

Chip Runner – Brings chips from the cash cage to individual tables. No experience necessary.

General Manager & Alternate GM – Responsible for all aspects of the casino. Specific duties for operational functions, financial transactions, and security. No experience necessary.

Count Room Roles

Shifts are: 11pm – 3:30am, June 28th and 29th

Count Room Supervisor – Supervises operations of the count room. Run count room equipment at the end of the night. No experience necessary.

Count Room Staff – Run count room equipment to account for cash and chips. No experience necessary.

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

According to the AGLC:

General Requirements:

  • Possess picture identification at all times during the casino event.
  • Competent in handling money.
  • Able to hear, see, speak or have an attendant with these capabilities.
  • Alert and observant.
  • Able to manoeuvre in the casino facility for the duration of the shift.
  • Able to function in a noisy and possibly smoky environment.
  • Able to use CasinoTrack system for certain positions.
  • Able to pass a security clearance check.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.


  • Arrive on time
  • Sign in and out
  • Wear a name tag with your first name and position


  • You can’t be paid or directly compensated for working a shift.
  • No playing casino games or gaming terminals at any time during the entire casino event.
  • No consumption of alcohol, cannabis, or illicit substances at any time during the entire casino event.
  • No cashing of cheques or extension of credit while at the event.
  • No possession of gaming chips.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone connected to the community, including parents, grandparents, and community members!

People with a financial connection to the school (typically paid staff) can volunteer for cashier, chip runner, or count room positions.

What should I wear?

The dress code is causal, but please, not jogging pants or t-shirts. Torn, soiled, or immodest clothing are not permitted.

Where do I park?

There is free parking (underground) for us to use as volunteers at Cowboy’s Casino.

Can I donate to the event?

A portion of gaming activity at Cowboys over the months of April, May, and June is pooled and distributed evenly between all charity casino events.

As well, see our fundraising page for other ways contributions can be directly made to the Parent Association or the school.

Next steps

If you’ve signed up for Cashier, Banker, Count Room Supervisor, or General Manager, please fill out the Volunteer Casino Worker form and send it directly to the AGLC. Form is here:

On the form, our organization name is “Woodbine School Parent Association” and we’ll email you our AGLC ID#.

We’ll also email you as the event gets closer with more details.

Thank you for helping our community!