Take the survey – school looks for feedback on new logo design

As this is a Woodbine School project and not affiliated with the Parent Association, please direct all questions/comments to the school.

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T3T72NP

The following message is from Principal Fraser:

2023 marks the 40th Anniversary of the opening of Woodbine School. And, throughout that time, the Woodbine Tree has been the logo. It has represented growth and how the schools’ influence has spread throughout the community via its’ roots and branches. After such a long time, Woodbine School believes it is time to engage in a re-brand as we look to the next 40 years.

The land we are on is part of the ancestral and traditional territory of the Tsuut’ina people and Fish Creek is a very important place for them. The Tsuut’ina know Fish Creek as Wolf Creek because of an encounter between a child and a wolf and the important role wolves have played in the lives of the people who have inhabited this area for generations.

We are attaching the story of Mazini the Wolf to better explain the importance of this animal for the Tsuut’ina people.

Mazini the wolf was a teacher for the Tsuut’ina people of how to be good parent.

It was Mazini who gave people the most training with regard to how to take care of the young ones. Everyone learned how to protect, provide for and keep the young members of the community “in line”. These teachings were learned and taught by observing the natural laws on the land.

Mazini is the great protector of family. Mazini sightings on the Tsuut’ina territory are special and packs are often sighted every few years.

Fish Creek is known to the Tsuut’ina people as Wolf Creek. Many years ago, a young child encountered a wolf and the area was named to honour this story. This demonstrates the practice of naming a place based on a significant event that occurred.

This story speaks to the importance of the work we do here at Woodbine School as well. We too can learn from the wolf about how to take care of the young people who walk through our doors every day. And, with the Park so close, we have the opportunity to harness the incredible learning opportunities it holds.

But it doesn’t stop there. Wolf society is complex. They are highly intelligent animals who are caring, playful, and devoted to each other. They work together to care for and educate their young which allows them to communicate and transfer knowledge across generations. Wolves collaborate and build strong relationships within their pack. This reflects what happens on a daily basis at Woodbine.

With all of this in mind, Woodbine School has decided to embrace the wolf as the new logo. 

We have asked students to submit their ideas and narrowed it down to the top 10 designs. We considered these designs and incorporated them into 5 final concepts.  The artwork ideas included: howling wolf, moon, feathers, school name and “W monogram”. 

We are asking parents for their opinion on which logo they prefer. 

Please take a minute to vote on your favourite here:


Students will also have a chance to vote at school.

As this is a Woodbine School project and not affiliated with the Parent Association, please direct all questions/comments to the school.