Parent Association AGM & Election 2023 – October 19th @ 6pm

The mission of the Woodbine School Parent Association is to enrich the school community. We accomplish this by organizing volunteer support, staff appreciation, the yearbook, and school clothing. We facilitate school dances, book fairs and fundraising events such as AGLC casinos and enrichment drives. Lastly, we direct how contributions are spent.

We welcome new ideas and new people at our meetings. If you are interested in taking a more active role, consider running for one of our elected positions, this Thursday, October 19th at 6:00pm during our Annual General Meeting. The agenda can be found here.

A summary of each elected position are included below. We hope to see you there. 

Elected Positions: 

  1. Chair

The Chair shall have general knowledge of all activities of the Association and will carry out duties assigned by the Association. 

  1. The Chair shall call all Meetings of the Board, and shall preside at all General Meetings of the Membership and Meetings of the Board. 
  2. The Chair will be the chief spokesperson for the Association, unless otherwise delegated. 
  3. The Chair shall be copied on all Association communications and will review any communications to the membership, parent body, School community or public prior to distribution and shall include the Vice-Chair in same. 
  4. The Chair shall have a vote at any meeting.  
  5. The Chair will be an ex-officio member of all Committees.
  1. Vice-Chair
  1. The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in all Association activities and will carry out other duties assigned by the Chair. 
  2. In the event of absence, resignation, incapacity or extended leave of absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall fulfill the responsibilities of the Chair until the next elections at the AGM. The Chair’s position remains vacant until the new Chair is elected.
  3. In the absence of both the Chair and the Vice-Chair from meetings, a Chair may be elected or appointed at the meeting to preside. 
  4. The Vice-Chair will be copied on all Association communications and will review any communications to the membership, parent body, School community or public prior to distribution. 
  1. Secretary
  1. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all General Meetings of the Membership and Meetings of the Board, to keep accurate minutes of the same, and to prepare these for distribution. 
  2. In the absence of the Secretary, his/her duties shall be discharged by such Officer or Director as may be appointed by the Board. 
  3. The Secretary shall have charge of all the correspondence and/or documentation of the Association and be under the direction of the Chair and the Board.
  4. The Secretary shall keep a Register of Members of the Association and their contact information, as required by the Societies Act, and shall send all Association correspondence/notices as required.
  1. Treasurer
  1. The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the Association and be responsible for the deposit of same in whatever Bank, Trust Company, Credit Union or Treasury Branch the Board may order. 
  2. The Treasurer shall properly account for the funds of the Association, keep such books as may be directed and disburse funds as required. 
  3. The Treasurer shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Board whenever requested and shall prepare for submission to the Annual General Meeting of the Membership a duly audited statement of the financial position of the Association and shall submit a copy of same to the Secretary for the records of the Association. 
  4. The Treasurer will prepare, and submit with Board approval, any financial reports required by organizations and agencies in a timely manner. 
  5. The signing authorities of the financial accounts will be a minimum of two elected Officers of the Association.
  1. Directors at Large

All Members of the Board will:

  1. Attend Annual, Regular and Special General Meetings of the Membership. 
  2. Be prepared for, attend and actively participate in all Meetings of the Board. 
  3. Actively support the initiatives and actions of the Association.
  4. Approve, where appropriate, policy and other recommendations received from the Board and its standing committees.
  5. Review the Bylaws and recommend Board-approved Bylaw changes to the membership.
  6. Review the Board’s structure, approve changes, and prepare necessary Bylaw amendments.
  7. Participate in the development of the Association’s plan and annual review.
  8. viii.Review the annual budget for the Association and submit to the membership for approval.
  9. Assist in developing and maintaining positive working relations among the Board, committees, School and School Council to support and enhance education in the School community. 
  10. Allow for opinions and positions of all Members to be voiced and heard in a safe, respectful environment.
  11. Act as a leader and an ambassador of the Association.
  12. Strive to reach consensus in all areas. If a consensus cannot be reached, Board Members will accept, and adhere to, the majority decision of the Board.
  13. xiii.Address operational concerns openly and with input from Board Members.
  14. Address personal concerns relating to Board Members’ roles privately, constructively, respectfully, and in a timely manner.