A sneak peek inside the “chill zone”

A major Parent Association contribution this year has been furniture to the newly developed “chill zone” of the school.

Pictures and a note from Principal Fraser below!

The Woodbine School is fortunate to offer a serene, sensory space designed to support students navigating a range of intense emotions. Aptly dubbed the “Chill Zone,” this inviting space serves as a tranquil haven that facilitates self-regulation, provides solace, promotes relationships, aids sensory integration, and fosters social skill development. Moreover, the Chill Zone is a commendable example of inclusive design, as it is accessible to all students who can explore it together.

A sensory room of this nature can offer a multitude of advantages, including the ability to modulate the environment to minimize over-stimulation. By providing a safe space replete with tools and resources to self-regulate, manage anger, and cope with stress, students can feel supported and empowered. Additionally, a sensory room can function as a controlled environment to assess the type of surroundings and sensory activities that a student may find most comfortable or responsive to. Creating a comfortable, soothing atmosphere can further facilitate interactions with others and provide a haven during times of crisis or de-escalation.

– Principal Fraser